Sausage Salad Wurstsalat – Swabian Specialty

german sausage salad

Today find out how to make a delicious German dish from the South (Swabia) that you can get at any Inn or Gasthof. It is the Bologna Salad – we call it Wurstsalat in German.The sausages for this salad are traditionally Bologna or in…

Old Fashioned German Cucumber Salad

old fashioned german cucumber salad

There are quite a few recipes for making cucumber salad and one is the old fashioned way, as they made it in East Prussia (Ostpreussen). You can serve this salad as a side dish for a BBQ, with Bratwurst or Frikadellen. The best is…

Potato Egg Salad – Authentic German

potato egg salad

Germany is the country with the most different potato salad recipes. Today a special German Potato egg salad is featured as it makes a delicious side dish for many meat dishes, and of course in combination with Bratwurst. If you are planning to have…

German Cucumber Salad with Dill

cucumber salad with dill

The German Cucumber Salad with dill is a great side dish for many dishes and occasions. It is a delicious salad for the BBQ and combined with pork chops or Wiener Schnitzel. The German dressing is super easy to make and healthy. If you…

Potato Salad Westphalia Style

potato salad westphalia style

Find out today how to make the Potato Salad Westphalia Style. It’s one of these potato salads that are so good as a side dish for sausages, Schnitzel or “Fischstäbchen” (fried fish sticks). This salad is so easy to make, just make sure yo…

Endive Salad with German Dressing – Endiviensalat

endive salad

Find out today how to make a special salad, the endive salad with a German dressing. Endive is a leaf vegetable which is bitter-leaved such as radicchio, puntarelle, and Belgian endive. For this recipe the curly endive, or frisée is used. This type has…

German Potato Salad Franconia Style

German potato salad Franconia style

Germany is the country of all kinds of potato dishes like no other country! Potato recipes are popular and part of almost every menu. Learn today how to make the German Potato Salad Franconia Style. It is a proven recipe from the region Franconia…

Bavarian Sauerkraut Salad – Oktoberfest Dish

bavarian sauerkraut salad

Bavaria is known everywhere for its Oktoberfest with Bavarian beer, Bratwurst, Ham Hocks, and Sauerkraut. Here in the USA it has become a traditional fest too. You can celebrate it in many US cities. If you create your private Oktoberfest try out this Bavarian Sauerkraut Salad….