How to Make the German Lebkuchen Spice

Authentic Nuremberg Elisen Gingerbread

If you love the German Lebkuchen (gingerbread) and want to bake them you need a special spice that can be easily made from scratch. Find out in this article how to make the Lebkuchen Spice – so simple and easy. Happy Baking! Ingredients The…

How to make Candied Lemon Orange Peel

german christmas cookies

German Christmas Cookies need sometimes special ingredients. There are many German Christmas cookie recipes that need Orangeat and Zitronat – which is candied orange or lemon peel – such as Dresdner Stollen, Aachener Printen and Gingerbread. You can get it in the USA but…

How to make Fruit Cake Glaze for a Perfect Cake

make fruit cake glaze

Find out today “How to Make Fruit Cake Glaze”. When you see all the wonderful German fruit cake recipes you might wonder how to make the shiny glaze that is on top of the fruit. In Germany we always use a glaze for the…

Underberg – 160 Years in the USA

underberg bottles

A German Tradition It was in 1846 when Hubert Underberg, the founder of Underberg, launched a very special product into the market. This was 175 years ago. His special product was a natural herbal digestive with selected herbs from 43 countries. As of today…

German Homemade Apple Sauce

german homemade apple sauce

The German homemade apple sauce can be used as a side dish for many other German dishes such as “Reibekuchen” (potato pancakes) or Kaiserschmarrn (see recipes at the end of the recipe). In Germany we call it “Apfelmus”. The apple sauce is so easy…

German Pickles No Canning

german pickles no canning

Today find out how to make German pickles no canning. It is not that difficult to make your own pickles. They won’t have any chemicals, preservatives or artificial colors. You need the special pickle cucumbers; you might find them on a local farmers market…

German Mustard Pickles

german mustard pickles

The German mustard pickles are so easy to make, you just need pickling cucumbers, onions and some ingredients for the pickle liquid. Mustard pickles are very popular in Germany and can be bought at any supermarket. They are sweet-sour and great for the BBQ….

German Mustard Recipe

german mustard recipe

Some weeks ago I was asked by a FaceBook fan for a German mustard recipe. I had not thought about of home made German mustard recipe,  so I looked around and I found an original German mustard recipe for normal to medium hot mustard….