German Pickles No Canning

german pickles no canning

Today find out how to make German pickles no canning. It is not that difficult to make your own pickles. They won’t have any chemicals, preservatives or artificial colors. You need the special pickle cucumbers; you might find them on a local farmers market…

German Mustard Pickles

german mustard pickles

The German mustard pickles are so easy to make, you just need pickling cucumbers, onions and some ingredients for the pickle liquid. Mustard pickles are very popular in Germany and can be bought at any supermarket. They are sweet-sour and great for the BBQ….

How to Make Krokant for Baking – Crunchy Sweet Crumbles

how to make krokant

If you want to make the Frankfurter Kranz Cake you need to know how to make Krokant because it is not available in the USA in the regular supermarkets. In English it would be called Brittle or Crunchy sweet Crumbles. You may find it…

German Mustard Recipe

german mustard recipe

Some weeks ago I was asked by a FaceBook fan for a German mustard recipe. I had not thought about of home made German mustard recipe,  so I looked around and I found an original German mustard recipe for normal to medium hot mustard….

How to Make German Quark Cheese

home made quark

It’s all about Quark in this article! Find out today “How to make the Delicious German Quark Cheese!” WHAT IS QUARK? Quark is so popular in Germany that it accounts for almost half of that country’s total cheese production. The word quark means “curds”…

How to make Vanilla Sugar

how to make vanilla sugar

Do you know How to make Vanilla Sugar? I received this question quite often and decided to answer it in this article. To make your own vanilla sugar is a good idea especially when living abroad as in Germany every supermarket carries this popular…

How to Make Vanilla Sauce

how to make vanilla sauce

It is important to know how to make Vanilla Sauce because it is used for many German dishes and is not really available in the US Supermarkets. It is not custard or pudding. It is a sweet sauce which is using the pulp of…

How to make Vanilla Pudding – German Custard Dessert

german vanilla pudding home made

Find out today how to make vanilla pudding or custard – In Germany we use vanilla pudding a lot in the making of cakes and pastries or just as a dessert. Dr. Oetker produces a pudding powder that is convenient but they flavor it…