German Rahmschnitzel – In a Creamy Sauce

german rahmschnitzel

You will love this German dish! The German Rahmschnitzel is a German meat specialty that is very easy to make. It’s just delicious for a festive menu. You can use pork or veal schnitzel, the best is pre-cut, even chicken breasts would be great…

German Jaegerschnitzel Hunter Style

german jaegerschnitzel

Classic German Recipe: The German Jaegerschnitzel Hunter style is as popular as the Wiener Schnitzel. There are TWO variations: Classic variation is using veal that will be pan fried – FIND THE RECIPE HERE – Wiener Schnitzel variation – Same proceeding with egg, bread…

German Griebenschmalz Recipe – Lard Bread Spread

German Griebenschmalz Recipe

Are you looking for the famous lard bread spread that originates from Germany? Here is an original German Griebenschmalz Recipe, the popular lard bread spread. Griebenschmalz is made out of Flomen (leaf lard) and Pork Speck (belly fat). This is an original and authentic…

Pork Roast Franconia Style with Dark Beer Gravy

pork roast franconia style

If you like pork roast you should try the pork roast Franconia style with a dark beer gravy. This recipe is authentic and proven and comes from the German region Frankenland or Franconia. The Franconian region is located  in Bavaria, north and south of…

Kassler Ribs with Sauerkraut – Authentic German Recipe

kassler with sauerkraut mashed potatoes

Kassler Ribs with Sauerkraut is a German specialty, and it is a wonderful dish for fall and winter. We call  them in German “Rippchen”  which means ribs. The Kassler meat is smoked pork from the loin and it comes in slices with or without…

German Geschnetzeltes Sliced Pork

German sliced pork

German Geschnetzeltes Sliced Pork or just ” Geschnetzeltes” in German means small cut meat, that is served in a creamy sauce. It is a very common German dish and on the menu of many country inns. It can be made in different meat qualities. …

Swabian Pork Fillet Recipe – With Spaetzle in a Pan

Swabian Pork fillets

This Swabian Pork Fillet recipe is a recipe that you will love! In Swabia, the region around Stuttgart, you find in mnay good restaurants the “Filettoepfle”. The meat, together with Spaetzle and a creamy sauce, is served in a pot.  Very delicious especially with…

Pork Roast Franconia Style

pork roast franconia style

Learn today how to make a pork roast Franconia Style. The Frankenland or Franconia has many hearty and traditional recipes that we love. The roast will be cooked in the oven and comes with a thick and tasty sauce that contains bread and vegetable….