Raspberry Chocolate Cake

raspberry chocolate cake

The raspberry chocolate cake is super easy to make and is a great cake for baking beginners. You can use different fruit such as blueberries or apricots. Of course fresh fruit would be the best but it works very well with frozen fruit too….

German Valentine’s Heart Shaped Cake

Valentine Cake

Show your love with the German Valentine’s Heart cake.  It is great for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. All you need is a heart shaped form which we have seen at ALDI this year! Or find such a form on Amazon. There is nothing…

German Raspberry Yogurt Cake

raspberry yogurt cake

This German raspberry yogurt cake is more than a cake! It is a “Torte” which means it has several layers and is filled with a cream of some sort. It is a wonderful summer cake. This raspberry cake is using raspberry puree, and a…

German Raffaello Cake with Raspberries

raffaello cake with raspberries

The German Raffaello Cake is a wonderful cake for the summer months and especially wonderful for Valentine’s Day which is celebrated in Germany with flowers, dinners for two, delicious cakes and desserts, romantic getaways, and special Valentine gifts. It also makes a delightful birthday…

Mother’s Day German Raspberry Cake

mothers day raspberry cake

Surprise your mom with this Mothers’s Day Raspberry cake. It’s a wonderful cake for any other celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries or the holidays. It is possible to vary the cake with strawberries if you like. The cream that is used for the filling…

Raspberry Heart Shaped Cake For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a big day in Germany the same way as it is celebrated in the USA. Do you want to surprise your mom, sister, grandmother, or  aunt with something special? What about a home made cake baked by you? We found a…