German Cordon Bleu – Filled Pork Schnitzel

german cordon bleu

The German Cordon Bleu can be done with different kind of meat. You can use pork, veal, turkey or chicken. But the ham and the cheese would be used for every choice, and you need to batter the meat  in the style of a…

Bavarian Beef Roast – Authentic Recipe from Bavaria

bavarian beef roast

Bavaria is famous for its delicious food. We found a recipe for a Bavarian beef roast and it is one of the best Bavarian recipes. You can also cook it in a slow cooker for 5-8 hours depending on the kind of beef that…

German Goulash Stew with Dumplings

german goulash stew with dumplings

What are we cooking today? What about a German Goulash Stew combined with small Dumplings? In German we call it “Gulasch”, and it is an easy German recipe for your dinner that you will love. The dumplings are much smaller than the regular dumplings…

German Authentic Egg Salad

german authentic egg salad

In Germany we like a light and mainly a cold dinner, the warm meals are reserved for lunch. A popular dish for a cold dinner is the German authentic egg salad. If you can get German bread, you can place some of the salad…

German Pear Cake

german pear cake

This German pear cake is so easy to make and you don’t even have to find quark; the recipe is using quark or alternatively Greek yoghurt which is very creamy (don’t use the non-fat version). For making this cake just mix all ingredients together…

German Potato Dumplings Half and Half

potato dumplings half and half

The Potato dumplings half and half are called that way because you use raw and cooked potatoes to make them. We call them in German “Kartoffelknödel halb und halb”. In Germany potato dumplings are used as a side dish for any meat dishes that…

Marrow Bone Dumpling Soup – Markklösschensuppe

marrow bone dumpling soup

The Marrow Bone Dumpling Soup is a classic German soup that you will love. The soup consists of two parts which is the beef broth and the marrow bone dumplings. Enjoy this soup as the starter for a festive menu or just as a main dish.

German Bechamel Potatoes

bechamel potatoes

German Bechamel potatoes are actually a mix of the German and French cuisine. Bechamel is also known as “white sauce”, and is made from butter and flour and milk. It is one of the mother sauces of the French cuisine but we like it…